Camilla Wicks
                                                                            Legendary violinist of the Golden Age
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 Shostakovich (arr.Tziganov )
Prelude in C-sharp minor opus 34/10


This site is dedicated to the great American-Norwegian violinist, Camilla Wicks. 

One of the earliest female international soloists. A captivating artist, thrilling virtuoso, and profound inspiration to generations of students.

Camilla Wicks, born on August 9th 1928, was hailed from the earliest age as the rising star among American violinists of her generation and led a major international solo career in the 1940s and 1950s. One the world’s foremost soloists at the peak of what was arguably the violin’s golden era, during which time she made a legendary recording of the Sibelius Concerto, Wicks retired in her early thirties to devote herself to her family. She later resumed her career intermittently, remaining an outstanding performer for many more decades and devoting herself to generations of students in the USA and in Norway. Wicks retired in 2005 to the beautiful and remote natural setting of Washington state.

The Articles section contains in-depth biographical survey of Wicks’s life and career. 

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